VAT FLEXIBLE for attachment to facades by PROPAMSA

Cement glue class C2 TE S1 for the placement of porcelain material, stoneware or marble, with or without absorption both inside and outside. Especially suitable for facades and underfloor heating.

Bag of 25 kg.

Special deformable glue cement for laying facades.


10,00 EUR


16,66 EUR

The VAT FLEXIBLE tile cement is formulated on the basis of cement, selected aggregates, organic additives and resins that give it excellent workability, water retention and adherence properties.


For fixing ceramic tiles, stoneware, marble, with or without absorption capacity, indoors and outdoors, on cement mortar supports, concrete or plasterboard plates.

Pavements with intense transit.

Façade coating.

Thanks to its flexibility it can withstand thermal shocks and the small differential movements made by the support.

Applying to old stoneware pavements.

For fixing pavements on radial heating facilities or cooling systems.


The support must be strong, completely set and free of dust, paint, oil, etc.

Check the smoothness of the support with a 2 m long ruler; any differences must be less than 5 mm.

If exposed to sun or very absorbent, it is advisable to wet it beforehand.

Do not apply to plaster supports with more than 3% humidity.

Do not apply to dead plaster, or plasters that have received a fine layer of final plastering.


• It is advisable to assemble expansion joints every 30 m2 (small sizes) or every 60 m2 (large sizes), and perimeter joints on cornices, wrought iron raised parts, etc., and respect the building´s structural joints.

• Protect the top edges of the render with metal sections, guttering, etc., to prevent water entering the xing layer and the support, which would cause the tile to fall away in freezing temperatures.

• Do not apply tiles with a high expansion coefcient or which are a very dark colour, without rst considering the correct joint layout.

• For sizes over 50 x 40 cm or weights over 40 kg/m2, mechanical anchors must be used.


The approximate amount of VAT FLEXIBLE used depends on the oating technique:

Floating: ~ 3 kg/m2.
Floating and buttering: ~ 5 kg/m2.

Please, for more information download data sheets.

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VAT FLEXIBLE for attachment to facades by PROPAMSA

VAT FLEXIBLE for attachment to facades by PROPAMSA