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SANET Cement cleaner by MONESTIR

SANET Cement cleaner by MONESTIR

Ideal acid product to eliminate end-of-building residues as remnants of mortar and cement in all types of newly placed pavements.

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SANET by MONESTIR is effective in cleaning the saline remains of the clay tiles and the saltpeters of the caravista brick with which the facades are made. It is also very effective in the case of contamination and dust spots on porous materials installed outside and to clean up rust.

It is indicated especially in the case of rustic stoneware, terracotta, unpolished porous stone, slate and in materials with low porosity, such as enameled stoneware and porcelain.

It is specially formulated so as not to damage the pavement or damage the joints between tiles, it only attacks the remains of material and dirt.

It does not attack the previous treatments that the soils may already have, so it is the ideal product to clean translucent veils of water lime in soils that are pretreated.

Sanet is a product that is sold concentrated and diluted in water for its use, depending on the surface on which it is going to be used:

In the case of enamelled and porcelain resistant materials, the proportion is one part of SANET and five of water.

If on the other hand it is more sensitive materials such as Hydraulic Tile, cement derivatives or for cleanings of lime veils, the proportion will be one part of SANET per ten of water.

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SANET Cement cleaner by MONESTIR

SANET Cement cleaner by MONESTIR