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PROTECER pre-treatment for tiles protection by MONESTIR

PROTECER pre-treatment for tiles protection by MONESTIR

Protects the tiles during the placement and grouting process

Pack of 1L.


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1. It prevents the soil from absorbing the cement from the grout and protects it during the course of the work.
2. It prevents the appearance of saline efflorescence.
3. It acts as a consolidant of the materials avoiding the aging and premature wear.
4. Protect your parts from inclement weather. Prevents the formation of mold concentrations.
5. It helps to prevent the breakage of terra cotta by frost in the exterior.


1. Facilitates the final cleaning of your terracotta floors.
2. Does not change the tone, color or brightness.
3. Ecological product. Respect your health and the environment.
4. It does not form a film, so it does not alter the non-slip feature of terracotta floors. Ideal for outdoor pools and showers.
5. Allow the parts to transpire. It dries quickly and does not smell.


1. With parts perfectly dry, apply before placement.
2. Shake before use and pour into a clean container.
3. Apply a generous hand with a wide brush or spray evenly. Protecer does not support a second hand.
4. For floors that are to be placed outdoors, especially near pools and gardens, it is advisable to pre-treat the tiles by immersing them in Protecer for a couple of seconds and also to place them with cement glue. We will avoid so that its soil absorbs humidity and we help to prevent that its pieces exfoliate with the time.
5. For placement with normal cement, it is advisable to pre-treat the parts only on the face side so as not to prevent the cement from catching correctly.


Apply with a wide brush, with spray or immerse the pieces in a container with PROTECER.


DRYING TIME: At dry touch immediately but the product is fully effective after 24 Hours.
DURATION: A single application is enough to facilitate the placement and grouting.
TIPS: At the end of the work, clean and treat with MONESTIR products.
PRECAUTIONS: If spraying, use the product with gloves and goggles to avoid splashing.
WARNINGS: In crowns of gardens and pools, apply PROTECER by immersion for a couple of seconds, place the floor with cement glue and after the final cleaning treat all the floor and joints.
COMPOSITION: Complex emulsion of resins diluted in water.

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PROTECER pre-treatment for tiles protection by MONESTIR

PROTECER pre-treatment for tiles protection by MONESTIR