METRO 7,5x15 shiny and bevelled subway tiles

1 sq. meter per box

METRO 7,5x15, subway tile bevelled white body. The piece measures 7.5 x 15 cm and there are 88 per box. QUALITY 1st

Price per box.

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The METRO Tile Collection goes one step further using white paste and a wide range of colors and sizes for this design that reminds us of the old Metro stops.

To know the origin of the subway tiles we have to go back to 1904, when the New York subway was inaugurated. The walls were lined with this 10x20cm white tile.

The idea was to get a simple finish but that would bring luminosity and sense of amplitude in the tunnels. To achieve this the tiles were given a finish in gloss, which gets a reflection of the artificial lights and gives a sense of luminosity, in addition to using a reduced size of 10 × 20 more tiles are needed to coat the walls and gives effect Amplitude by the number of tiles.

The use of these tiles was copied in meters of many cities, such as Paris or London, and so were left with the name of "metro tiles"

METRO has some premium features that you will not find in other brands:

Support of white paste of maximum quality.

Water absorption less than 10%.

Pressure resistance greater than 600N.

MOHS scratch resistance: 3

Resistance to stains.

Resistance to chemicals.

It is not cracked.

High tolerance to thermal shock.

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METRO 7,5x15 shiny and bevelled subway tiles

METRO 7,5x15 shiny and bevelled subway tiles

1 sq. meter per box

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