OLI74 PLUS SIMFLEX mecanic drive by OLI

OLI74 SIMFLEX installation system with mecanic drive is composed of a galvanised metal frame, to be used in mansory walls for the rapid an safe installation of wall-hung sanitary appliances. It´s designed specifically for the installation of wall-hung WC pans.



122,00 EUR


221,82 EUR

The main advantage of the OLI74 SIMFLEX system is the posibility of rapidly and safely installing a structure that includes a flush cistern and connection system for wall-hungs pans, the type of WC that is becoming increasingly popular in all markets due to the advantages that this system offers in terms of facilitating cleaning operations and occupying less space in the bathroom.

As well as this specific advantage, we can also add the superior characteristics of the OLI cisterns: the wide range of available control plates, the lining for thermal insulation, the quality of the internal components, the silent operation of the float valve, simplified maintanance and the classification in class A of water effiency.

OLI flush cisterns are suitable for all rooms thanks to the wide range of available control plates, with an extensive variety of choices both in terms of aesthrtics and functionality.

All OLI in-wall cisterns are installed and serviced rapidly and easily to simplified access to their internal mechanisms.

  • Dual Flush in-wall cistern compatible with either dual or single Flush actuators 6/3 liters (adjustable to 7/3 liters)
  • Polypropylene (PP) cistern highly resistant and inalterable to thermal stress
  • Delayed refilling - Azor plus inlet valve
  • Silent valve class 1 NF certified
  • 90mm total thickness
  • Supplied with anti-condensation lining
  • Certified cistern according to KIWA/SABS/SAI/WRAS standards
  • CE EN 14055 marking CL1
  • "A" class for the Water Efficiency in compliance with the ANQIP Authority requirements
  • 10 years warranty. Compatible with all floor mounted WC pans.


  • Flush pipe ø 90 x 250.
  • Seal for flush pipe ø 125.
  • Connecting pipe ø 45 x 180.
  • Pan rubber seal ø 45.
  • Protective box.
  • G ½” stop valve.
  • Protection sponge for the stop valve.
  • Outlet bend ø 90 / 90 L230.
  • Protection pipe Ø90.
  • Protection pipe Ø45.
  • Fixing accessories for wall structure.
  • Fixing accessories for toilet bowl mounting on the structure.

Technical sheet is available to be downloaded.

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OLI74 PLUS SIMFLEX mecanic drive by OLI

OLI74 PLUS SIMFLEX mecanic drive by OLI

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