Shower Screen BASIC Reversible corner shape by GME

BASIC Corner shape reversible shower screen composed of 2 fixed and 2 sliding door. Tempered clear crystal of 6mm. And upper aluminum profile; Without lower profile.

Height: 195cm.; Wide: from 65x65 cm to 139x90 cm.

Do not forget to choose the right size and if you need compensation profile. CONSULT TABLE.


441,05 EUR


544,50 EUR


RANGE: minimum and maximum measures for each model.

OPENING: space of passage that allows the slider from the minimum measurement to the maximum of the range.


Profiles in glossy silver polished aluminum with anti-tipper stopper with double nylon bearings.

External and internal embellishments.


The vertical profiles of the shower screen allow the adjustment of the screen and make it possible to adapt it correctly to the conditions of the work, saving any unevenness that may exist on the walls and adjusting to the necessary light. As an option you can buy a compensation profile that adds 1.5cm. to the width of the shower screen.

Specifically the width of the profile of the Basic model is 2.3 cm which will allow us to save the bumps that may be on the walls of our shower tray or bath. The Basic model is in stock in standard measures already established and with ranges that allow us to adapt to the gap (see tables model Basic in catalog).

These ranges are achieved by adapting the upper guide to the required extent and with a greater or lesser overlap of the door on the fixed (1-6 cm). Therefore during the installation it will be necessary to cut the upper guide to adapt it to our hole, for it will suffice with a cutting saw for aluminum.


This screen includes the standard anti-static treatment, which covers the micropore of the glass preventing the accumulation of lime and facilitating the cleaning of the crystals.


The opening system is by sliding leaves, which are provided with bearings that slide through the upper guide.


This shower screen is provided with a leaf release system, integrated in the lower handlebar, by means of which the doors can be left free of the lower support, which facilitates cleaning.


The closing system of the front of fixed and sliding is by bubble gum, which is inserted in the sliding leaf and closes introducing itself into a U-shaped vertical profile of stainless steel.


The shower screen has vertical grommets to ensure the tightness in the gap between the sliding leaf and the fixed glass.

The shower screen has no guide in the lower part of the screen, so to provide a good watertightness, we must install a rubber grommet on the bottom of the slide and a metallic fountain on the shower tray (1 cm high And 0.6 cm wide). All this included in the pack.

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Shower Screen BASIC Reversible corner shape by GME

Shower Screen BASIC Reversible corner shape by GME