CONNECT attached to wall complet toilet by Ideal Standard

Ideal Standars' Connect toilet with Aquablade® technology stands out for its softness, rounded lines as well as for a perfect use of space.

Item is provided with pan, seat with high quality (soft closed) normal or slim cover to choose and Cubico's cistern, being able to choose between side or bottom feed.


243,46 EUR


427,13 EUR

It has a perfect balance between comfort, space and practicality without losing sight of the design.
Designed to be attached to wall, It highlights from the traditional pan due to the elimination of side and rear corners making easy its cleaning.
Its adjusted mesures, 36 cm. wide and 66'5 overhang wall, guarantees high comfort without loss of space.
Connect offers great flexibility adapting all the designs, leting flow the imagination around its curves, straight edges and smooth lines to sastify customer's needs.
Ceramic dresses, beautifies and shapes with current designs and the latest technologies.
Aquablade® technology higienically outperforms all existing toilets.
Water preassure waterflow is optimized and its smooth lines eliminates bacterias and splashing.
A high preassure waterfall flows around the pan, creating at the front two strong water jets that end in a unique column which drags any solids while optimizing flushing and cleaning.
In the download tab you will find technical data sheet.

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CONNECT attached to wall complet toilet by Ideal Standard

CONNECT attached to wall complet toilet by Ideal Standard

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